This Vegan Mac And Cheese Is Full Of Gooey, Creamy Deliciousness

Nutritional yeast and cashews are the secret ingredients.

Becca Miller and Kate Merker |

If you’ve started eating a plant-based diet, chances are you’ve had a craving or two for comforting non-vegan dishes. Perhaps you’re hungry for your mom’s classic mac and cheese, with its super creamy sauce, funky, cheesy flavour and a crispy breadcrumb topping. But…that’s not exactly vegan-friendly. Enter: the Women’s Health test kitchen’s vegan answer to this nostalgic staple with the same luxe flavour and texture, without any of the cheese.

A combo of garlic, mustard powder, cayenne pepper and nooch (a.k.a. the almighty nutritional yeast) create an epic cheesy flavour to rival any cheddar-filled pasta casserole. And the rich sauce gets its ultra-creamy texture from boiled and blended cashews.

This vegan mac perfectly combines creamy sauce and a crunchy topping with the addition of olive oil-toasted panko breadcrumbs and parsley for some added freshness. Trust, you won’t miss a single bite of the mac and cheese from your childhood.


What you need:


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