Over two decades of practicing and teaching yoga, I discovered that certain movement combinations work every time to release tension in specific body areas, and simple yoga practices based on those movements give students reliable relief from their physical tensions. Of course, you can bedazzle those practices with more intricate postures, expand on them to target more precise areas, add additional layers to affect physiology or mental state – all those elements can make yoga practices more varied, interesting and unique. But when you don’t have time, energy or mental space to be too inventive, it’s good to know that there are reliable routines that you can fall back on.

Why do those routines work so consistently? Maybe it’s because they all follow a predictable pattern: they increase circulation to the surrounding tissues, release chronic muscular contraction and restore balance to agonist/ antagonist relationships. I wrote about those rules and how they apply to different parts of the body many times and offered yoga practices to support those ideas. Those posts and practices have spread out over the past eight years, and I feel like some of the valuable ideas are now getting lost among other stuff. That is why I decided to put them all in one place to give you a full tour of the human body and very specific movements that can help keep it free of tension.

Meet Happy Body: Yoga from Head to Toe series. This series consists of fifteen short foundational practices that cover each body area from neck to ankles. Some of those practices have been featured on my blog before, and some of them are brand-new. All of them include foundational movements that I found to be very effective for targeting specific body areas in a short period of time. You can use them as-is or expand on them as you see fit. The series also includes the collection of articles I wrote about each body area in printable pdf format and video summaries of the most important points you need to know when you work with specific body areas.

In Happy Body: Yoga from Head to Toe series you will get:

  • 15 targeted yoga practices that are accessible to most students,
  • 26 articles on how to keep different parts of your body happy and tension-free,
  • 13 videos with brief outline of the most important points and safety precautions about each body area.

Here is a short video that describes the main principles this yoga series is based on >

Happy Body: Yoga form Head to Toe series is currently available for a special introductory price of $35. Learn more about the series>

Please keep in mind, that the practices offered in the series are meant to deal with simple, everyday physical tensions. When those tensions become chronic or complex, a more intricate approach is necessary. In that case, you can use those same practices and articles as a jump-off point to create your own unique routines. The sequences to all the practices from the series are included in the sequence builder and are available to members who purchase the series. You can modify those practices any way you like.

You can do the practices in order for a complete tour of your body or choose the ones you need most. Please check it out!


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