Lately, I find myself juggling more projects and responsibilities than ever, which often means that I usually don’t have enough energy or brain power left to be creative and ambitious in my yoga practice. So I end up moving my body just enough to relieve stiffness in my neck, back and hips without using up too much of my energetic resources.

If you find yourself pulled in different directions with too many demands on your time and attention, try this simple yoga practice to relieve physical stiffness and restore your mental focus. There are no difficult poses in this practice, yet it still mobilizes all major body parts with simple movement, as well as deepens your breath and awareness with “loud-to-quiet” pranayama. Give it a try and let me know whether or not this “lazy yoga practice” makes you feel a bit less lazy 🙂




This practice has been added to Sequence Wiz home yoga practice app. You can find it under Energy – Sluggish > 20-40 minutes. Learn more about the app >




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