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These high quality, gold-plated, polished metal balls, are perfect for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Each ball weighs 28 grams and is designed to tone your kegel muscles while creating sensual internal sensations. Cloud 9 Novelties Duo Kegel Balls can be used on their own or in their silicone sleeve designed with an easy retrieval loop for your comfort. 1. Find the perfect weight – Start with one ball at a time to determine your comfort level. Insert balls into the vagina one at a time. If using the sleeve, leave the attached loop out of the vagina for easy retrieval when finished. 2. Squeeze the pelvic muscles to hold in place. Squeezing repeatedly or simply holding in place while sitting, standing, or working out can strengthen the pelvic floor. 3. To remove, relax your muscles and retrieve.

  • Body Safe Premium Silicone Harness
  • Polished silver plated balls
  • Easy retrieval loop
  • .75” diameter 28 grams per ball
  • Easy Cleaning

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